& Development

Constellium Decin plant invests in research and development to reinforce our leading market position.

Innovate for market success

With more than 100 years of experience in the industry, Constellium Decin plant is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of specialized aluminium products.

Our comprehensive range of bars, profiles and tubes, and hard, soft and specialty alloys are widely used in many industries. The majority of our sales volume is used in the automotive market.

To ensure we retain our prime market position, it is important that we continue to innovate and engage in ongoing and productive research and development activities.

In this area, we focus on four primary objectives:

  • Supporting and finding solutions for and with our customers

  • Optimizing production technologies and processes

  • Continuously improving the chemical composition, mechanical, physical and chemical properties of aluminium alloys, and the development of alloys tailor-made to specific customers’ needs

  • Increasing the productivity and capacity of production lines while improving product quality

Expert research teams and facilities

Key to our R&D efforts are our highly skilled teams of experts in metallurgy and processes such as hot forming and heat treatment. These teams are always on hand to help customers find the best solutions for their needs.

Adding further technological advantage, we work in close cooperation with Constellium’s world-class Technology Center  (France).