Adherence to international standards is just one of the ways in which Constellium Decin plant demonstrates a commitment to quality.

Aligned with quality expectations

We are certified to the latest international integrated management systems, including ISO 9001, ISO/IATF 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001. These certifications are in line with the requirements of TÜV NORD Czech, which is a member of the TÜV NORD Group in Germany.

Our long-term quality management strategy is based on customer expectations. As a result we spend considerable resources on finding innovative technology solutions in terms of products, equipment, human resources, occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

Aware of our responsibility towards our partners, employees and the environment, we also implement the strictest quality management systems and aim for zero errors, discrepancies, accidents, incidents and accidents.

Group-wide policy

Each of our stakeholders (including contractors, agents and visitors) is party to the Constellium Group’s EHS FIRST policy, which outlines key principles of continuous improvement and preventive actions.

Under this policy for ensuring and maintaining high standards, stakeholders make a certain number of basic commitments:

  • Maintain and promote the reputation of the company and its market position

  • Ensure continuous optimization of production cost

  • Modernize facilities and innovate

  • Follow legal and organizational standards and requirements

  • Improve the environmental profile of the company

  • Use natural resources efficiently

  • Increase stakeholders’ knowledge and awareness of environmental protection, occupational safety and health, through targeted training, communication, education and information

  • Remain constantly alert to dangerous behavior and situations, risks, and near-misses

  • Regularly exchange with local authorities and stake holders to respond to local requirements

  • Create a motivational environment that supports working in an ecological and safe way

  • Continuously improve quality processes and procedures

  • Minimize the impacts of manufacturing on the environment and health