& Technology

From the seamless extrusion of tubes to drawn bars and profiles, Constellium Decin plant is equipped for a variety of manufacturing processes. Our facilities include an integrated cast house that feeds 12 direct and indirect presses and a dedicated die shop.

A fully integrated facility

As a leading manufacturer of aluminium extrusions in Europe, our facilities include an integrated cast house that feeds 12 direct and indirect presses, and our operations are facilitated by a dedicated die shop.

We are able to implement a variety of manufacturing processes beyond just extrusion, according to the required quality, alloy, product and customer needs.

Porthole extrusion

The most common extrusion process uses a porthole die. The aluminium is divided in the pre‑chambers and later joined together when it flows around the mandrel. As a result, extrusion seams occur. This method is used for alloys that can be easily shaped.

Seamless extrusion of tubes

In this extrusion process, the aluminium flows around a mandrel guaranteeing a seamless product. This manufacturing method is applied for applications requiring extremely high product quality and reliability, such as security-related parts and hard alloy tubes.

Drawn tubes, bars and profiles

After the extrusion process, the additional step of drawing can be undertaken.

Drawing is conducted for various reasons. For example, it can allow for tighter tolerances such as diameter and surface roughness.

Drawing can also produce tubes with small dimensions (especially wall thickness) that have been created from larger extrusions. Drawing also helps attain higher mechanical values.

To achieve the required mechanical properties for each product, we also use thermal technology treatments such as dissolving annealing, artificial and natural curing, and standard annealing.