Lightweight, flexible and conductive, the aluminium products manufactured by Constellium Decin plant are widely used in industry.

An industrial-strength material

Cooling system

Aluminium offers multiple advantages for industrial applications. Not only is it lightweight, flexible, and an excellent conductor of thermal energy and electricity, it is also highly corrosion-resistant and gas-tight. Moreover, it is easy to recycle for relatively little energy.

Constellium Decin plant provides a portfolio of products with excellent properties for bending and welding, machinability, shape stability and surface quality. A number of finishing operations are also possible, including surface treatment options.

Our products have applications in electrical and general engineering and in the optical and textile industries.

They are also used in the process of industrial cooling and various industrial machinery applications, such as:

    hydraulic and pneumatic blocks,
    hydraulic pump bodies,

    Optical systems applications

    parts for optical systems,
    finned tubes and profiles for cooling systems,
    valves for gas-cookers.

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Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

Last update 03 May 2011