At Constellium Decin plant, we trace our origins back to 1909, when the German firm Bergmann Werke built a plant for manufacturing industrial machinery in Decin.

A century of tradition

Old picture of Constellium Decin plant

The plant specialized in the production of electric motors and cables from copper and was later renamed Kovohutě Děčín.

In 1991, the Swiss Alusuisse-Lonza Holding AG Group acquired the company. The acquisition enabled Kovohutě Děčín, by then renamed to Alusuisse Děčín, to develop and invest in new technologies.

In 2000, the Alusuisse Group, including the Decin facility, was integrated into the multinational Alcan Group, which was taken over in 2007 by Rio Tinto. In 2010, the plant was sold as part of Alcan Engineered Products (now Constellium) to a private equity group.


Constellium Decin plant has a 100 year tradition in manufacturing.

Last update 03 May 2011