EHS and sustainablility

EHS and sustainablility

At Constellium Decin plant, the protection of environment, health and safety (EHS) is a top priority for every employee.

A safety-first mindset

Employee health and safety and the protection of the environment are integral parts of our management system and foremost in the minds of Constellium’s teams worldwide.

As part of the Constellium group, the Decin plant is certified to the latest EHS standards, processes and requirements, including OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Our company’s policy and goal is to achieve a rate of zero accidents and comply with the ethical standards and rules of our company codes. We are working towards these objectives in a number of ways.

Occupational safety

We have long-standing certification and compliance with the latest safety management systems according to OHSAS 18001. Our overall accident rate is extremely low, and we are constantly recording, analyzing and improving situations that pose a risk for safety or the environment. In addition, we seek to minimize employees’ exposure to noise and the number of jobs with noise risk.

Preventive health actions

Constellium Decin plant offers:

    preventive health check-ups beyond legal requirements,
    free flu vaccinations,
    hot meals on all shifts,
    hot and cold beverages at the workplace.

Smoking is totally prohibited on the site.


    We have held the latest certificates for environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 since 2002.
    We make sure our hazardous waste is recycled.
    We continuously optimize the use of natural resources and reduce waste and energy consumption.


At Constellium Decin plant, environment, health and safety (EHS) are a top priority for every employee.

Last update 23 May 2013