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About Constellium Decin plant

Aluminium hard and soft alloy extrusions manufacturer

Based in the Czech Republic, Constellium Decin plant is a leading aluminium extrusions manufacturer in Europe and part of the multinational Constellium group. Constellium Decin plant manufactures customized aluminium extrusions in soft and hard alloys with a variety of finishes for European and global markets.

A leader of aluminium extrusions in Europe

Constellium Decin plant is a leading manufacturer of aluminium extruded solutions, including customized aluminium  profiles, aluminium tubes and aluminium bars, in a vast range of soft and hard alloys.

Our plant is the largest integrated hard alloy facility in Europe, and the fourth-largest supplier of tubes, bars and profiles from aluminium and its alloys.

Technical competency and tailor made extruded solutions

Constellium Decin plant

Our technical competency is based on over 100 years of manufacturing experience and more than 50 years in the aluminium extrusion industry.

Together with our customers and supported by Constellium’s world-renowned Voreppe (France) research center, we work jointly to develop customized and highly specialized extruded solutions in terms of profile shape and alloy.

These solutions are then produced using our integrated cast house and our 10 direct and indirect presses, supplemented by a vast range of finishing operations.

Serving industries around the world

The extruded solutions we produce are used in a large number of applications worldwide, mainly in the automotive, transportation, general engineering, industrial, building, and sports and leisure markets.

Research and development

Constellium Decin plant also plays a key role in preparing the aluminium industry to face future challenges. To this end, we invest substantially in technology, research and development, and are an active recruiter of new talent.

Our focus is on the development of new and specialized alloys and the continuous improvement of all our processes to be ready for the next generation of aluminium solutions.


Constellium Decin plant is the largest integrated aluminium hard alloy facility in Europe.

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